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About Us

Sand Dune safaris is a small family owned and operated business and the oldest 4WD Tour Company in Port Stephens, having been established for over 20 years.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a unique and unforgettable experience on the Stockton Sand Dunes. Our focus is on FUN and PERSONALISED SERVICE to create special memories for your family.

Not only do we offer a fun, exciting and safe family orientated Sand Boarding Adventure (our most popular activity!) on top of the highest dunes, but we also offer beach and dune tours, trips to Tin City and educational tours for school students. Options are also available for interest groups, conference groups, seniors clubs, film crews and birthday parties, or simply for those who prefer a small private tour.

Sand Dune Safaris are fully accredited by the Ministry of Transport for both Bus and 4WD operations, so you can be assured of a professional service. We also hold an Ecopass Licence with the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

All tours are escorted by a friendly Driver/Tour Guide who is qualified and complies with Ministry of Transport requirements. Our drivers hold Senior First Aid certificates, and have endless knowledge and experience with the sand dune ecosystem at Stockton Beach.


We are a small family run business that does not cater to the inbound tour market (big tourist buses that visit the dunes daily). This means we have the choice and flexibility to close our operations if we consider the weather to be unsafe and/or uncomfortable for sand boarding. The main weather safety hazard on the dunes is extreme heat. Our sand is very reflective due to its high silica content and on a hot day can amplify the temperatures to well over 50 degrees centigrade. We will generally open in the morning on a hot day and close around midday or whenever it becomes too hot. We will also close during very windy conditions,  torrential rain and electrical storms.

The most ideal conditions for sand boarding are cool days, after rain or during light showers. The wet sand is ideal for sliding on as its nice and smooth and go go faster! If you are unsure whether conditions are suitable please feel free to give us a call as actual weather conditions can vary significantly from forecast!

In summary, we take our duty of care to our staff and customers very seriously. We also want you to thoroughly enjoy your experience on the dunes. If we wouldn’t send our own family up into the dunes, we won’t send yours either!

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