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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

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How are we Different ?
  • The only company that allows stand up boarding
  • We do not cater to bus groups, so no crowds. We pride ourselves on personalised and friendly service.
  •  A shaded picnic area is provided, with tables and chairs where you can relax and enjoy the views.
  • We travel the furthest out into the dunes to our private sand boarding area (approx 10 min trip one way depending on conditions) so you can experience 4WDing over the dunes.
  • Locally family owned and operated!
Where do we depart from ?
Lower car park at the end of James Paterson Street, Anna Bay 2316. This is approximately 10 minutes drive from Nelson Bay.

We have an office on site where you can meet us for your adventure.

What do i need to bring ?
  • Small bag/backpack for belongings
  • Snacks and drinks, feel free to bring an Esky.
  • Camera for photos (please note, we recommend you do not slide with your camera on your person)
  • Casual clothing
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Shoes, however the sandboarding is better bare footed
  • Please do not bring alcohol onto the dunes. Sandboarding and drinking don’t mix! It is also a National Park, so no glass bottles please.
Do I need to book in advance ?
You don’t have to book in advance, you can purchase tickets on arrival at our beach office. However we do recommend pre-booking tickets during school and public holidays as well as for groups of 6 or more people, so you are guaranteed a spot.

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When should i arrive ?
If you are late or early for our Sand Boarding Adventure, it’s not an issue as there is a 4WD shuttle every 15 minutes. For all other tours, please arrive 15 minutes prior to the tour departure time as these tours depart on schedule.

If you are running late please contact us on 0425 213 096. You can also text us on this number.

Why does your company allow stand up sand boarding while other companies do not ?

There are various reasons for this:

  • We are a small family company who do not cater to large busloads of tourists whom often have language barriers, so we can provide a more personalised service, instruction and we are assured everyone understands the rules to ensure safety
  • No crowds means it is far more manageable and we can keep an eye on everyone to make sure rules are being followed
  • The sand dune we use is very large (a big “U” shape) so there is plenty of room for everyone to spread out which greatly reduces the risk of a collision between sand boarders.
Do kids go free and do they need a car seat for the bus ride ?
All children 3 years of age and under are free of charge on the Sand Boarding Adventure. Please note you do not need to provide a car seat for children on the sand boarding Adventure, however they are required for other tours.
Do you sell gift vouchers ?
We sure do! Call us on 0425 213 096 to arrange a voucher or buy online. Our gift vouchers are valid for 24 months from date of purchase.

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My kids are only young, can they still sand board ?
They sure can! Our sand boarding dune has many various sized slopes so you can choose based on your ability and confidence. Parents can also ride tandem with children on the same board.
When is the best time to go ?
During warmer weather we recommend early morning or late afternoon. We stay open late (last shuttle 6pm or later) during hot weather. Please call us to confirm.

Best conditions for boarding is during cool weather after it has rained or during rain (not too heavy of course!) when the sand is hard and smooth – this is when you slide the fastest! HOWEVER we do not allow stand up boarding when the sand is wet, it is too dangerous. Please call us if you are unsure of conditions.

Can we bring our pets ?
Unfortunately you cannot bring your pet along with you on any of our tours. Being a National Park, pets are not permitted in the commercial operating area.
Do you have credit card/eftpos facilities ?
Yes we have credit card facilities at our beach office so you can pay upon arrival at the departure location. We only accept Visa or Mastercard.
Do you operate in all weather conditions ?
For the safety and comfort of our customers and staff, we will NOT operate during extreme weather conditions such as very hot weather, extremely windy conditions and torrential rain and electrical storms. We are very particular about hot weather as it can make you very sick, so on hot days we will close down in the middle of the day and reopen around 4pm until sunset. Please call or text us if you are unsure of weather conditions.
How long to we get to sand board for ?
As long as you like, although most people spend between 1-2 hours. Our 4WDs rotate every 15 minutes so you are more than welcome to head back whenever you are ready providing there is room on the bus. However the price includes only ONE return transfer so you cannot come back and forth all day.
I have a large group, can we all fit on one 4WD vehicle ?

Our 4WD bus can carry 20 people, and we also have a number of 7 and 11 seat Landcruisers. If you have more people than this we can arrange for the bus to come straight back after dropping off the first group of people. We can arrange for groups of up to 100 people, please call us for further details.

Sand Dune Safaris

All tours depart from:

Lower Car Park at the End of James Paterson Street, Anna Bay NSW 2316

Phone: 0425 213 096.  Feel free to call or you can also text anytime!

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Look for our Ticket Booth in the Lower Car Park

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